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Rumpler's Kosher Foods (since 1958)
We are a leading Kosher Food Importer for over 20 Israeli companies. Contact us for details
Schwartz's Appetizing
Kosher appetizing, pleasing palates for over 30 years. World-famous Steiglitz herring and vegetarian salads.
Season Products Corporation
The largest assortment of imported and domestic Kosher specialty food products under one label.
Shamash's Kosher Restaurant Database
The Kosher Restaurant Database is a free service brought to you by the Shamash Kosher Restaurant Team. New restaurant listings are welcome via a form available on the website. Questions or comments should be directed to . Only restaurants that claim to have kosher certification are listed, however Shamash does not vouch for the accuracy of the information submitted to the database. This database was originally created by: Mark Shoulson and Avi Feldblum. The database was redesigned and updated by: David Rosenthal.
Shatnez Information Page
What clothing is kosher to wear? See the FAQ
The seventh year is designated as a Jewish sabbatical, and it is observed differently in Israel and in other locations. This period has special requirements and customs for those living in Israel and abroad. Join us as we discuss the impact of Shmitta.
We visited your website and saw that you have links to "Jewish websites." We invite you to visit our website which is dedicated to education and research about kosher. For the kosher consumer you will find online information including lists of popular products (e.g. kosher soda, liquor and medicine), information for travelers to Baltimore, Passover information, Sabbath Mode appliance information, as well as detailed articles that delve into the intricacies of kosher certification. For consumers new to kashruth, there is basic information regarding the in's and out's of keeping kosher. Besides kashruth there is a whole lot more! Star-K Kosher Certification is a not-for-profit agency based in Baltimore, MD, representing the kosher consumer in promoting kashruth through education, research, and supervision. Visit and link us at !
Tahitian noni International
Description The World’s Most Perfect Product, Naturally Now more than ever, people are focused on health. But our society seems to be less healthy and under more stress than ever. Few seem adept at finding a better lifestyle. Sometimes you chance upon something that helps satisfy an overall need for the body. That’s Kosher TAHITIAN NONI®.
Texas Kosher Beef
We are a new Texas-based, Shomer Shabbos company that produces grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free Glatt Kosher beef. We ship throughout the United States.
The Authoritative Kosher Dining Guides
This site was created to update the printed Authoritative NYC Kosher Dining Guide and the Authoritative Mid-Atlantic States Kosher Dining Guide, which are sold through our site and are also available in most book stores. It allows us to bring users of the Guides up to the minute changes throughout the year (closing, supervision changes, etc.) The site offers in depth restaurant reviews, kosher dining articles & The Restaurant of the Month Club Specials. The Kosher Privilege Card, which is included free with every book, allows diners to avail themselves of restaurant discounts throughout the year.
The Kosher Connection
Kosher Connection brings you the finest gifts to share with family and friends on every occasion. We specialize in gourmet Kosher foods from the Pacific States. Includes award winning cheese, plump dried cherries, and tea from Oregon.
To life food and herb company
To Life Food and Herb Catalog has a variety of resources including Kosher, health products, snacks, and recipes.
Tov, Catering and Holidays
It has information on how to eat in Italy italian kosher food, that can be also taken to your hotel, organizes events, like Pesach and sky holidays
Va'ad HaKashrut of Delaware
Lists all facilities, vendors and caterers approved by the Va'ad HaKashrut of Delaware, along with their supervising authorities. Rav HaMakshir is Rabbi Sanford Dresin, Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth of Wilmington, DE.
Va'ad HaKashrut of Houston
The Houston Kashruth Association (HKA) hosts this website listing products, establishments, caterers, and catering facilities under their certification in Houston, Texas. In addition to kosher retail bakeries and restaurants, the HKA supervises several convenient bakery and fresh meat and deli sections in Houston supermarkets.
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