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Israeli Wishes - Online Library for books in Hebrew
Our online library enables people all over the USA, with an affordable and easy way to read many books in Hebrew. Books in Hebrew cost between $15 to $25, and this not even including s&h... and after you read the book, you have one more thing you have to dust, or store... Our Library is just like a regular library. You check out books, read them, and return them.
Israeli Wishes - Online Library for books in HEBREW
First online Library for books in Hebrew, in the USA. If you miss reading in Hebrew. Tired of carring all these books from Israel to the states... and BROKE from the prices, This site is for you!
This web site is originated and managed in Israel by Rabbi Yechiel Michael Yosefi and Micha Kovler. The ideas and information within the web site were processed during the last three years, analyzed and synthesized through groups of people following a basic guideline: To help an individual become a better person via spiritual growth - by evaluating his/her life through words of wisdom. The issues addressed are as follows: Between a person and him/her self. Between a person and his/her family. Between a person and his/her work place. Between a person and his/her society. The site also stands out as an excellent tool for studies of the Hebrew language, combing shape with content in a new exciting way.
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Many of the Hebrew prayers are transliterated line by line, and the transliterated line is translated literally word by word. Quirks of Hebrew are explained in the footnotes and notes. This site allows people with no knowledge of Hebrew to say the prayers, and a few songs and psalms, and to know what they are saying as they say it. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform sections.
KIDLEADER-HEBREW: KIDLINK Coordination Dialog in Hebrew
Israeli Hebrew is a spoken language, 'reinvented' over the course of the twentieth century. It has responded to the social demands of the newly emerging state, as well as to escalating globalization, with a vigorously developing lexicon, enriched by multiple foreign language contacts. In this detailed and rigorous study, the author provides a principled classification of neologisms, their semantic fields and the roles of source languages, along with a sociolinguistic study of purists' and ordinary native speakers' attitudes towards lexical enrichment. His analysis of the tension between linguistic creativity and the preservation of a distinct language identity takes the discussion beyond the case of Israeli, through innovative comparisons with Revolutionized Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Yiddish, creoles and other languages.
Language Fun Quizzes
These are intereactive JavaScript quizzes for students of Hebrew as a second language. Students can practice nouns, verbs and adjectives in Hebrew.
Larry Smith's Targumatik 2000
Software to translate full text from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English. Comes with reference tools, dictionaries, verb tables and much more.
Dedicated to the learning of modern Hebrew, featuring the book "Keep it Simple-Modern Hebrew", the Audio book, Audio Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew Authors' site and Solidarity Discussion Board. Owner Shahaf Peleg.
Learn Hebrew - with audio and transliterations
Learn Hebrew is a free, on-line, educational resource to learn Hebrew words. The flash site incorporates 46 topics, along with over 1,700 Hebrew words and phrases. Each Hebrew word is presented as an image with nikud [vowels]. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio.
Learn Hebrew for Free - Foundationstone
Foundationstone and the Online Hebrew Tutorial teach hebrew.
Learn Hebrew Israel
Learn Hebrew Israel distributes 9 cd teaching Hebrew Included is 20 tours of Israel presented by Rabbi Shalom Gold
Learn Hebrew Online - First Lesson FREE !
Learn Hebrew online! No Downloads! No expensive software to buy! Try our first lesson for free... learn the Hebrew alphabet, do some exercises and when you are ready take a test. Best of all - Get personal one on one help - with a native Hebrew speaking ! It's Free - Try it now !
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
Hebrew Phrases with Audio is a free site to learn Hebrew phrases and sentences. The flash site incorporates 54 topics with 1,200 Hebrew phrases and sentences. The Hebrew phrases are presented as images with nikud [vowels]. There are English translations and transliterations. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio. The site includes 155 Hebrew study sheets for learning offline.
Learn Hebrew Verbs
A free, on-line, educational resource containing 300 Hebrew verbs conjugated in all tenses (past, present, future, imperative). The site menu provides selection by one tense or all tenses; gender or both genders; singular and/or plural. For your convenience, you can choose a Hebrew or English menu to navigate the site.
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