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Jewish Mailing Lists

(MEPF) The Middle East Political Forum
The Middle East Political Forum is a young, growing organization which reaches out to Jews and others who express a deep-rooted love for Israel and her people. Our goal is to educate, disseminate information about Eretz Israel, both historically and on current events. We encourage you to post any relevant information as well as interact to the posts you read.
Pro Israel discussion group.
This is a Jewish discussion list for Orthodox Jews and those interested in Orthodox Judaism. This list is open to all, but topics that are discussed will be from the view point of Orthodox Judaism.
CIPnews - Boletim eletronico judaico semala em português
Boleyim eletronico semanal sobre a Parashá e seus significados, judaísmo e variedades. Para assinar gratuitamente, basta enviar um e-mail para:
Clowns for Judaism a.k.a. Jewish Clowns
J-CLOWN is an email discussion list. It's purpose is to create an online Jewish community of clowns and other comic entertainers interested in incorporating Jewish heritage into public performances. Discussions will focus on the promotion of all clown arts that incorporate Jewish values, culture and life cycle events. For example, subscribers will share ideas and explore how to reinforce religious and Hebrew school curriculum through magic, offer ideas on Jewish balloon sculpting for Purim and Hanukkah parties, provide supply resources and designs for face painting with a Jewish flair, or share scripts for Jewish skit puppetry, to name a few areas of focus. The main purpose of this list is to connect with other Jewish clowns who wish to contribute to building strong Jewish communities. Religious school teachers and family entertainers of all types are invited to join and participate in the informal discussions, as everyone benefits when using humor to educate our Jewish youth.
Dafyomi mailing lists
Loads of valuable Dafyomi study tools, for free! By the Dafyomi Advancement Forum.
Discovery And Return - Forum For Baalei Teshuva
A moderated Forum To Investigate, Discuss, and Share Experiences For The Baal Teshuva. Come visit and post your message. Or, send e-mail to our panel of Baalei Teshuva and Rabbis. Towards A Meaningful Return To Jewish Life
A moderated mutual help forum and idea exchange designed to brainstorm issues from a Jewish perspective. We will deal mainly, but not exclusively, with general computer issues, family, home libraries, interpersonal relationships, time management, and education.
Enayim L'Torah
Published by the Student Organization of Yeshiva University (S.O.Y.), this weekly publication on the Parshas HaShavuah will most definately be one of your favorites. Subscriptions encouraged.
Eshet Chayil
Eshet Chayil is a group for observant Jewish women. It is moderated by a woman, and discusses issues of relevance to women. Men are asked to join different groups at this website that would be more relevant.
Forum for Iraqi Jews
Forum for Jews from Iraq. Mostly in hebrew, English speakers are welcome. Virtual hebrew keyborad. Links to sites on iraqi jews, events. You can discuss any subject or ask any question about jews of iraq - genealogy, lost friends and relatives, life back in iraq, books, jewish property in Iraq, iraqi jewish music, etc...
Friends with Diabetes
An email discussion list for Jewish people with diabetes, where they can discuss with Rabbi Hirsch Meisels himself a type 1 diabetic, any issues related to diabetes, Helochah, research, education, support etc.
Frum-Forwards. This is a group for people to post and send messages and forwards which may be of particular interest to frum Jews. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute to the discussion of how these events affect us as Jews and how we should relate to them. Members should feel free to forward messages that are appropriate to our way of life. Let us use this list to make our internet usage leshem shamayim.Please refrain from forwarding political material to the list.
Geschichte und Kultur der Juden
Email based scholarly discussion group on Jewish history and culture. Mainly German-language, English contributions welcome. Moderated, contributors are expected to maintain standards of scholarly discussion.
Hebrew Translating
A moderated e-mail discussion resource on Hebrew, Yiddish, and Aramaic translation and terminology
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