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Ravid Insurance
Ravid insurance from Haifa, Israel agency specializes in securing pension funds and medical insurance.
An exclusive maritime magazine. Here you'll find updated shipping schedules and airtransport timetables, concerning Israel and the global market.
Shlem!Financial Services
Shlem!Financial Services:Risk & Asset management Company. We build strategies around the Principle of the New and Improved Liquidity Trap. It conditions the future of Money, Interest Rates, Savings, Liabilities and Emploiement. A rational explanation of Japan & Asian turmoils, deflation and of the exhuberance of financial markets. If you dont take it into account your economic welfare is at risk!
Status - Israel's leading manager's magazine
Yaron London, with tel-aviv university's faculty of managment. covers managerial approaches, failures, success and case studies.
Tal Brody Legacy, The
Profile and Story of Aliyah to Israel and 30 years of Experiences and Achievements
TD Materials - Aluminum Extrusions
A distributor of aluminum extrusions for Israel aircraft and Israel Military- a 60 year old family business- owned by an involved Jewish Family active in Israel Education and other aspects of the country
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Daily updates on 100 most liquid shares comprising the TA-100 index. Summary of the economic activity (TASE,capital market). Free data, charts and publications, audio-sounds/visions...
The Hasidic Masters' Guide To Management
Welcome to the home of Hasidic Management on the Web. Hasidism, the eighteenth century Jewish mystical movement, revolutionized and revitalized the Jewish world. The Hasidic Masters valued sincerity and devotion and provided inspiration and guidance to their adherents. Today's managers, seeking to provide inspirational leadership, clear direction, business vision, and organizational guidance to their teams, have much to learn from these wise leaders. Moshe Kranc has written a wise and witty book, that combines Hasidic stories and parables along with the insightful cartoon satire of Dilbert, as well as examples from the corporate world. In doing so, he creates a readable and entertaining hands-on guide for the novice and experienced manager. Here you can read excerpts from the book, read what reviewers are saying about it, and arrange to have Moshe Kranc address your religious group or company leaders about the management wisdom of the Hasidic Masters
The Jerusalem Technology Investor
Magazine on Israeli high-tech companies and promising technologies. Current information on Business Developments, Software, Internet, Electronics, Semiconductors, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Communications... For Venture Capitalists, fund managers, industry...
The Jewish Ethicist
A weekly column which answers questions related to everyday business and work dilemmas.
tlunot dot com
Tlunot dot com is a leading consumer rights web site in Israel. The site enables Israeli citizens to voice complaints about bad services or other problems relating to companies or government agencies in Israel. Potential customers may learn about the level of service of a company before deciding to make a purchase or inquire how to solve issues relating to companies and government bodies. Due to our data base, companies will not be able to hide behind advertising or public relations but be forced to live up to Western standards ' improving the quality of life in Israel. Counselling possible for companies who wish to improve their level of service.
TransActions Magazine
The Knowledge Zone for USA-Israel Industrial Free Trade
Trendlines International Ltd.
International Marketing for Israeli Business
Venture capital funds Israel - SFK
SFK has become the most active underwriter in Israel, manages Israel's largest group of venture capital funds (Polaris funds), and has established a major brokerage and money management operation.
Venture Capital Israel - Polaris - equity investments and high-technology management
Polaris leads the Israeli venture capital market as one of the most professional dynamic private equity-management concerns, with a focus the high-growth Israeli communications industry.
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