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 ORT Yeshivot
Snunit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Special Ed Children's Bullet-proof Van Project.
Six days every week,I transport my "little soldier", Rei Hershkovitz, a five year old boy from Ofrah, who has decided to "escort" me while I drive him home. He is something special. Not only because he learns at the Special Education Area Kindergarden in Psagot but also because he has a way to deal with his big loss as only a 5 year old can! Every day he brings with him a different gun or equipment to help him cope. One day he has a cowboy pistol, another a plastic M-16. In his arsenal he has a water-blaster which looks like a "Sagger" missile launcher.He also has handcuffs if he wants to take his enemy alive, and today he brought a walkie-talkie,so that he can call for help! What is different about Rei? His father, Assaf z"l, was brutally murdered by terrorists at the beginning of May 2001. Three months earlier,his grandfather,Aryeh z"l was also murdered on the way home from work. PLEASE!!! Help keep Rei,and other Special Children from Binyamin safe from those that hate. PLEASE help us raise money to purchase a bullet-proof van to transport these children to and from home safely.
TASP / Tel Aviv Teach and Study Program
TASP is a two year work study program in Israel. Participants must have a BA degree and a desire to teach English as a Foreign Language to Israeli Children while studying for an MA in Applied Linguistics. The program is supported by the Jewish Agency, the City of Tel Aviv, the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles.
Teleducation and Internet Ltd
Teleducation is a leading Israeli company dealing with compuers, Internet and Education. In our site you may find company profile, customer list, projects description, products, and a most comprehensive list to educational sites world wide.
Teleschool - the ultimate online educational tool
Teleschool is a unique product of teleducation & internet ltd allowing school managers and teachers controling educational resources for the benefit of their of the institution. In the site you may read about teleschool products (premier, plus & pro versions), download the premier version of teleschool for free and read our vision. site is in hebrew, soon to be presented in english
The Academy for Jewish Religion
The Academy for Jewish Religion is the only Rabbinic school and Cantorial school not affiliated with any denomination. Our Klal Yisrael institution was founded in 1956. Our students come from all movements and our ordained rabbis and cantors serve the Jewish people in all branches of Judaism. Our programs of Rabbinic studies and Cantorial studies are taught by a distinguished faculty drawn from every movement and stream in Judaism from Reform to Hasidic. Many of our students come to us to begin second careers
The Arava Institre
Offers Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and overseas students a hands-on academic program focussing on our joint environment. The program is conducted in English. Situated on the grounds of Kibbutz Ketura, adjacent to the Jordanian and Egyptian borders, the Institute serves as a regional center for conservation and environmental protection activities.
The Centre for Universal Spirituality
Focus International - Finding Oneself in the Consciousness of Universal Spirituality
The Isralight Institute
Isralight runs 10 days and three week seminars for men and women who are interested in exploring their Judaism in a non- coercive, stimulating and soulful environment. We explore the transformational wisdom of the Bible, Talmud and Kabbalah.
The J Site - Jewish Education & Entertainment Site
Featuring: My Hebrew Song Book - Over 100 Hebrew songs for viewing and printing - My Jewish Coloring Book - Online Flash coloring book will give your child many hours of entertainment and fun. - The Israel Geography Game will help you learn about the history and geography of 101 locations in Israel. - The Language Match Game makes learning new words fun & easy. Hebrew or English.
The Jewish Flame on-line website
This summer, the Jewish Flame is sponsoring its 25th annual Free Jewish Study Institute in Manhattan. Whether you'd like to learn Bible, Talmud, Jewish History or Women and Judaism, the Jewish Flame has a Summer class just right for you. Classes are held on the Upper West Side at the Carlebach Synagogue, on the East Side at Congregation Adereth El, and at NYU’s Kimmel Center. Classes begin June 21st and tuition is FREE! For more information, you can visit us on the web and download a PDF schedule or send us an email.
The Jewish Writing Institute
Jewish writing email courses on journalism, memoir, fiction, poetry, grant writing and publishing, given by talented and experienced teachers. Web site includes articles on Jewish Writing and publishing resources.
The Joint Program for Jewish Education
The Joint Program provides seed money for new and innovative projects, but does not fund ongoing programs or maintain Diaspora educational institutions or systems. While all Joint Program funding is earmarked for the strengthening of Diaspora Jewish education, the projects themselves are implemented in Israel.
The Lookstein Center's Virtual Resource Center for Jewish Education
An educational resource center including online databases of published materials, contributions from educators and links to Jewish educational sites. Includes a link to the Lookstein Center's popular educational digest (Lookjed List) and archives of past issues. Also includes general information on the Lookstein Center of Bar-Ilan University and its programs and seminars for Jewish educators in the Diaspora.
The Loving Touch, Creative Body Imagery
The vision of this site: to offer you simple tools for a respite of peace and quiet reflection in a complex and fast moving world. The Site offers an e-book for subscription, with a wealth of information and a concise, easy to use program for continuously re-thinking and re-shaping your habitual mind-body patterns. Included are cds with audio-instruciton for exercises in deep relaxation. Living means being in motion, flowing with the world around and within. Simplicity and economy of energy and information are basic principles of life we work with in this e-book. If we can get back to the simplicity of life and root our being deeply within our body discovering it as our very best, most intimate friend, we will slowly and with lovingkindnes discover abilities we did not know we have, and the sky will be our limit. If we follow the path of inner peace, we will create more peace around us.
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