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Jewish Film

Mark Freeman Films
Talking Peace is a documentary about Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in San Diego. The documentary is rooted in a process of getting to know distinct individuals and the telling details of their history and experience. As they tell each story, those gathered around the living room overcome their fears and suspicions, and lay a foundation for building friendships.
Meisler Digital Editing Service
Video & Flim Editing, Graphic Design, Service Bureau for Video & Stills Photographers
Moriah Films
Movie Rights Available
Movie rights available to a Yiddish theatre play.
My Knees Were Jumping; Remembering the Kindertransports
Award winning documentary film on the Kindertransports, a rescue movement which saved nearly 10,000 Jewish children in the months before WWII. Suitable for ages 12 and up. Showing in a movie theatre in NY in December 1998, Videotape & film available for educational and home rental or purchase.
On Common Ground
Award-winning short film... Recent college graduate, Michael Green, has the right suit, the right tie and the right haircut…but isn’t sure he has the right religion. Narrative, short film with a humorous perspective. Michael Green is embarking on his first job interview but isn’t sure who he is or who he wants to be. The roots of Michael’s identity crisis are revealed through his memories of poignant, childhood events. He recalls these memories while struggling to embrace his Jewish heritage as part of his identity in a gentile world. At the same time, Michael is trying to get through the interview and cope with his mother who is nagging him to go on a family trip to visit his grandmother for Hanukkah; a trip that he believes may interfere with his opportunity to accept a job. He has the right suit, the right tie and the right haircut…but isn’t sure he has the right religion.
Out for back shortly
Website of internationally acclaimed, award winning film about life in Israel during Rabin era
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival
The Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, held annually every December, is the oldest and largest festival in Florida dedicated to screening outstanding foreign and independent film with Jewish content.
Rafiki Productions/Kenny Mann
Dedicated to my documentary film BEAUTIFUL TREE, SEVERED ROOTS, which examines Jewish, personal, family, national and universal identity, based on my parents' lives as Jewish refugees who arrived in Kenya in 1942. It reveals little known aspects of Jewish history in Kenya, and examines my family's deep engagement with African Socialism between the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s and Independence in 1963.
The film, "Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East", reveals a side of the Middle East story that most people are unaware of due to a lack of exposure by traditional media outlets. "Relentless" is a powerful one-hour documentary using primary source video clips to examine the history of the Mideast conflict and how the Peace Process unraveled in a surge of violence.
Sam Spiegel Film and Television School Jerusalem
The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School Jerusalem (ISRAEL) - Facilities, Teaching program, Application terms and forms, Students Film Catalogue, news, Festivals, Prizes, and more.
Schindlers List
This is the true story of one remarkable man who outwitted the Nazis to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other single person during WWII. It is the story of Oscar Schindler, a German-Catholic industrialist, that Steven Spielberg turned into a seven Academy Award-winning film, and a milestone that touches the hearts and provokes the mind of all ...
Something From Nothing
animated film based on Phoebe Gilman's award winning book. Relationship between Joseph and his grandpa, and Joseph's friendship with Mazel, the mouse. A celebration of Jewish culture and traditions.
South Bay Jewish Film Series
Jewish Films in San Jose CA and surrounding bay area cities
Starcast - Israel's Casting Site
Starcast, Israel's first casting site, uniquely designed for ease of use, with casting directors and agencies in mind. Each starcast member has a personal and thorough work portfolio, including picture gallery. Starcast allows you to contact each member's agency directly.
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