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Unique Original hand painted ketubahs, Limited edition lithographs and Planographic lithographs. Available in all kind of texts.
spacer The ultimate source for ketubah and fine Judaic art. A unique prints selection of ketubahs with any text you wish. Brilliant Originals, heirloom for both bride and groom as well as for long-wed couples.
3D Ketubahs make your statement of marriage come alive. The designs are unique, striking and filled with meaning rooted in Jewish tradition. Each layer of the 3d ketubah is hand cut by Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin. She personally creates each design and text to ensure that the ketubah is a perfect expression of the joy and love felt by the betrothed couple.
A Rabbi Network
We are a network of rabbis concerned with providing interfaith couples high quality service, referral counseling and spiritual guidance for their wedding ceremonies.
About Jewish Weddings
Completely free articles on eveything A-Z you want to know about Jewish weddings and Jewish Wedding traditions. We have lots of information on Jewish weddings, and can help you learn more about what goes on at a Jewish wedding, advice about Jewish wedding rings, etc.
Ad Image Promotional Items
Ad Image has been selling promotional items since 1994. We can help you with great custom imprinted items for any occasion.
Adventure Rabbi, Inc.
Providing wilderness weddings, backcountry b'nai mitzvah and other outdoor life-cycle events, as well as retreats and Jewish adventure trips for unaffiliated Jews. Come, let the wilderness awaken your Judaism.
Ahava Glass chuppah creations
Handmade Chuppah glass, made to order, for smashing at a Jewish wedding. Afterwards, dedicated master craftsmen will create amazing Judaica from the broken pieces. More colours and styles of chuppah glass than anywhere else in the world. Specially designed to break when trodden on. Friendly personal service. +447808770547
All The Best Invitations
Largest online distributor of wedding and bar/bat mitzvah invitations and accessories. All at discounted prices. Invitations can be printed in hebrew,english or both.
Avi Bar-am - Photographer
Jewish / Israeli photographer for any jewish event : Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Brit Mila and more. Serving wide nation, Willing to travel with expenses paid.
Bikta Baya'ar
Bikta Baya'ar is a beautiful place In the heart of the Carmel forest, for weddings, bar mitzvah and other events . The site includes pictures of the place and the garden, the menu, panoramic tour, video and information about the catering services.
Blind Heart
Specializing in ethnic and interracial caketops, accessories and favors for weddings and special occasions such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.
Chalet - Bikta bayaar : The most beautiful place for weddings and other events in Israel and exclusive catering .
Chosson and Kallah group
This group is for Jewish couples who are engaged or who recently got married (in the last 1-2 years). The purpose of the group is to talk about issues that come up before and during marriage (ex. Anything from preparing for the wedding to Thank-you notes, children, niddah, Shabbos/Yom Tov, etc...) and how to handle them. For a final answer with most halachic issues, you should ask your Local rabbi.
a handpainted CHUPPAH to keep as an heirloom and hand from generation to generation . Designed by renown textile artist Carole Smollan incorporating all the personal details that are special to the bride and groom . Designs are washable lightweight ,easy to transport ,come in anything from embossed velvet , to painted and gilded voile. An Art piece to use on your special occasion..
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