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The Rav Bliah of Tlemcen
THE GREAT RABBI HAIM BLIAH (1832/1919) Born in Tlemcen, son of a Great Rabbi, he was a student of the famous talmudist and decision maker Rabbi Haim Kasbi, author of "Tseror Hahaim" and of a "Choulhan Aroukh", about the local practices of Tlemcen, a town that became a real nursery of Rabbi and religious thinkers.
The SephardiConnection
New Interactive Sephardic cybercommunity with 15 Forums: Genealogy, Israel/Middle East, Social Issues, Languages and Literatures, Education and Research, Customs/Cuisine, Singles, Sephardic Youth, and more
The SIM Project
The goal of our project is to go one step beyond where most inclusive Jewish groups (and thinking) go and assert that Judaism is, by its nature and essence, an open and inclusive religion that anyone can join. To that end, we would like to break through this assumption that we discourage people in becoming Jewish and invite any individual (whether in an interfaith relationship or not) who is attracted or feels an affinity to Judaism to come and try it. This aspect of the SIM Project is outreach.
The Social origins of Judaism
This link brings you to the world of Jewish learning in a convivial and relaxed environment for the academic study of Judaic teachings which are inter-denominational in art and literature.
The Tehilim Hotline
A Jewish prayer hotline reciting the entire Book of Tehilim several times daily on behalf of those in need. All information is kept confidential.
The Virtual Jewish University
Bar-Ilan University's "Virtual Jewish University" (VJU) is the hottest, newest Jewish studies program on the Internet. The VJU offers anybody, anywhere, full undergraduate college credit for academic study, transferable to universities of distinction around the world. The fall 1999 semester -- offering six English-language on-line courses such as War and Peace in the Bible, Jerusalem Throughout the Ages, and An Intro to Jewish Music' -- opens October 4.
The Well - Jewish
The World of the Bible (Hebrew)
The World of the Bible is the world's largest scientific interpretation of the Bible Intended for Bible students, scholars and readers, with a view toward expanding and Intensifying their comprehension of the written text. Those perusing the work will Find therein not only what they might expect to find in an ordinary commentary -a Discussion of each verse and its problematic - but also what most ordinary Commentaries do not include: summaries of background research, comparative Material, and illustrations of Biblical reality, including maps and diagrams of events From the Biblical period, examples of flora and fauna in Biblical countries, and Linguistic and etymological examples of difficult or obscure words which may now be deciphered.
Weekly Real Audio Lectures on Jewish Subjects
Thoughts on Torah
Thoughts on Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah; Commentary on Tefilah (prayer), Tanach (Bible) and Chagim (holidays); Courses at Conservative Yeshiva; Research on Israel and Hebrew Democracy; Shaiya Rothberg
A new site aimed at building a supportive community of like minded people with the shared goal of doing anything possible to improve the world. For idealists only!
spacer the Internets Premiere Jewish Web Portal
Join the online Jewish web portal with news and information on Judaism and related at, your new home on the web!!!
Torah Search
Search and find shiurim in basic Judaism, parenting, marriage, Halacha, Talmud, women's Shiurim and much more! Featured speakers include Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Shira Smiles, Dr. Nathan Lopes Cradozo and more!
Traditions of biblical cantillation, an audio cassette
An audio cassette of selections from the Bible (Tanakh) chanted in Hebrew according to the various melodies (trop)
True2Torah, one of the best places on the web to learn more about Judaism and the blessings of a Torah-obedient lifestyle.
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