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uJewish--The Online Jewish Community
uJewish--The Online Jewish Community. This website is aimed for adults, teens and kids at large. We have a special corner for every Jew . We offer (and will offer some more as time goes by) fresh and exciting content that matter to you. Health, religion, fashion and food will be addressed from a religious perspective as well as secular. This is a chance for you to interact with other people you otherwise won't have the chance to. Try our virtual Shadchan, or offer your child a pen pal from another continent. Exchange Jewish recipes and traditions all in the atmosphere of a Jewish homey lifestyle. Enjoy the content that we have so far, and come back for more. All this, and much more, at !!!
Universal perfection
A site for moshaich information...great site a must see
University of Judaism
The University of Judaism is an independent Jewish University which includes an outstanding undergraduate school, the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as graduate programs in behavioral psychology, not-for-profit business administration, education and the conservative Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, the only rabbinical school on the west coast. The UJ Extension Program offers day and evening classes in a wide range of subjects. Additionally, there are many interesting and enjoyable concerts, lectures and art exhibitions offered throughout the year
Virtual Beit Midrash
The VBM provides e-mail courses in Torah and Judaism.
Virtual Jerusalem
A unique site with something for everyone. Definately worth visiting time and time again.
We Are Not Going To Burn In Hell
A Jewish Response to Christianity
Weekly Insights
Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry is a weekly video series that takes thew deep and ancient wisdom from the weekly portion of the Torah and presents it in a beautiful graphical presentation. Episodes air every Sunday morning.
Service providing 40 days of prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for those who need a marriage partner, health or help of any kind.
spacer is a web site designed to help anyone who wishes to understand how Judaism differs from Christianity, and is a powerful response to the "Jews" for Jesus, the Messianic "Jews," and other Christian missionaries. Unlike most responses which only decry the deceptive tactics of the missionaries (which is like crying to one's mommy that "they don't play fair!"), or which play the game of prooftexting, this simply compares the most basic elements of the theology of Christianity with what the Bible states, covering ten areas, so far. This includes a rather lengthy expose on The "Jewish Roots" of Christianity, the newest wrinkle in the Christianizing of Judaism.
World Religions: Judaism
Comparative religion.
World Wide Halacha Center
Solve your Halacha problems from your desk. We deliver your question to the world Poskim in all Halacha subjects: Shabbat Education Community Technology Kosher-Food Medical-Ethics etc.
Written By Jeff Dunetz
A series of essays about Israel and on being Jewish in a secular world.
The site has links to many other sites about Judaism. The sites are arranged according to their subject. For example: Tora, metzvot, holidays, rabbies, hassidut and more.
Yad Harav Nissim
a unique organization which has been active in the Jerusalem Community for decades. The organization was founded by the late Rav Yitzchak Nissim ob"m, who served as Chief Rabbi of Israel for 18 years. While it was originally founded as an institute for the preparation of young Rabbis and Rabbinical Judges, it has expanded tremendously in recent years to include six sections
YB Jewish
The definitive thinking persons defense of Jewish nationalism.
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