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A website dedicated to providing information about Israel's past, present, and future.
Support Israel by Being Informed - Recommended Sources of Information
A list of sites (including links) that I recommend for obtaining information about the current situation in Israel. Emphasis is placed on sites which included "alerting services", thus the updates are automatic (a time saver).
The Bronfman Youth Fellowships In Israel
Twenty-six outstanding Jewish teenagers from Canada and the US spend five fulfilling weeks of study, dialogue and travel in Israel. They will interact with a diverse group of rabbinic faculty, counselors and North American and Israeli fellows representing a wide range of Jewish perspectives.
From Jersusalem city flag mugs to IDF unit logo sweats. From Gush Katif black T's to Free Pollard Ribbon stickers. Our products support JerUSAlem, Jewish soldiers in the IDF and the US, and foster unity between the US and Israel. In times of stress the people of Israel need both support and money - our site provides both. Help us help them.
The Jewish Political Chronicle
The Publication of The Jewish Political Education Foundation, Inc. An anthology of current significant writings all about Israel. Printed and mailed to (tax deductible) donors bi-monthly and available free of charge on the internet at the noted website.
The Knesset
The Israeli Parliamnet
The Makolet
Show your appreciation of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces by sending them personal messages and delicious gifts. Make these brave soldiers a part of your celebrations with Share-a-Simchah cakes. Features Sbarro pizzas and other fine products.
The Promised Land Project Ltd
A Limited Israeli company that has been granted exclusive marketing rights from the landowners of land located in Judea and Samaria. These rights are valid for a defined period of time and are granted for the purpose of redeeming the land.
The Sanhedrin
The Sanhedrin's purpose today is Israel's consciousness...
The Struma Tragedy
Dedicated to the Struma tragedy - the ship with 769 Jews was sunk near the turkish coast - England has forbidden the entry in Palestine. The website gives the names of the victims and try to find theirt biographies
The Virtual Jewish University
Bar-Ilan University's "Virtual Jewish University" (VJU) is the hottest, newest Jewish studies program on the Internet. The VJU offers anybody, anywhere, full undergraduate college credit for academic study, transferable to universities of distinction around the world. The fall 1999 semester -- offering six English-language on-line courses such as War and Peace in the Bible, Jerusalem Throughout the Ages, and An Intro to Jewish Music' -- opens October 4.
The Weather Site
Israel and world weather reports & forecasts. 4-days forecasts, surfing details, UV radiation. English & Hebrew Versions.
tlunot dot com
Tlunot dot com is a leading consumer rights web site in Israel. The site enables Israeli citizens to voice complaints about bad services or other problems relating to companies or government agencies in Israel. Potential customers may learn about the level of service of a company before deciding to make a purchase or inquire how to solve issues relating to companies and government bodies. Due to our data base, companies will not be able to hide behind advertising or public relations but be forced to live up to Western standards ' improving the quality of life in Israel. Counselling possible for companies who wish to improve their level of service.
United Jerusalem
Tune into for Daily Headline New on Israel and Much More...
United States Israeli Defense Force Veterans
a site to keep idf vets in touch with one another and to support israel
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