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Land of Milk And Honey (A Web Book)
Explore a new web book on Modern Israel written for third and fourth graders! This is a social studies web book written by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon ( and Polly Wilkenfeld from a Religious Zionist view. Though originally crafted for Fuchs Mizrachi School, this book is open and available to all who are looking for help teaching about Israel....or who want to learn more themselves.
Landscapes of Israel
A site dedicated to the Landscapes of Jerusalem and Israel, drawings in black and white by Moshe Kaufman.
Learning Together: Israeli Innovations In Education That Could Benefit Americans
One of the most basic values Israel and the United States share is a commitment to education. In this study, we look in-depth at Israeli innovations in education that can benefit Americans. We believe the programs described here offer valuable lessons and examples for American policymakers and professionals.
L'Dor V'Dor From Generation to Generation A Trip to Israel for Adults 55+ is a non profit organization that was set-up for people 55 and older who have never been to visit Israel. This program helps to defer costs for participants. Visit for more information. Next trip is scheduled for April 2015
spacer is a israel portal that allows you to support Israel by connecting to Israeli stores and businesses
Lynne's Israeli Phonecard Place
Listing (photos) of all telephone-cards produced in Israel.
Volunteer to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)
Matt Miller's Israeli Navy Page
A summary of the modern Israeli Navy and its history.
Maven's Quick Guide to Israel Elections 2001
A quick reference of the main English website on the Israel Elections for Prime Minister
Mid East Education Team
Mid East Education Team reaches both college students and adults in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities with multimedia presentations, workshops, in depth newsletters, and forums. M.E.E.T.ís unique approach is non-confrontational yet dedicated to educating the public on the rights of Jews to live in the Jewish homeland. Our board includes Jews and others who are dedicated to supporting awareness of the critical issues that effect the future of Israel, the Middle East, and the world. Sign up for our FREE newsletter The MEET Report which reaches thousands of people around the world.
Mid East Web Maps
Maps of the Middle East and Historical Maps of Israel
Mission Israel
Mission Israel is a non-profit organization founded to help all Jews better understand and identify with their eternal connection to the land of Israel. By reaching out to all Jews, regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance; we hope to ignite a love for the land of Israel so strong that even Jews who are completely unaffiliated will feel a part of the Jewish Nation.
MSN Israel Community
The MSN Israel Community brings together all those interested in the unique country of Israel with quality webpage content, dynamic newsgroup discussions, informal chats, and formal chats with guest speakers. Debate the Middle East Peace Process. Discuss Israeli-Arab relations, Israeli-Diaspora relations, and Israeli foreign relations. Stay informed with daily news from Israel. Get information about Israel's domestic political and cultural scene. Learn about travel and immigration to Israel. Please join us.
My Israel forum
Forum about all aspects of experiencing Israel. For anyone,visiting, living, or planning to be in Israel, this will offer you an experience of what being in Israel is all about.
My Israeli
Visit to read about Israeli people, living, surviving and fallen, their lives and opinions. And talk back on our forum in English, Russian or Hebrew.
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