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Pavel Haas Foundation UK
The Pavel Haas Foundation UK has been establised by the British Pianist Jacqueline Cole A.G.S.M., N/R Dip. M.T. The purpose of the foundation is to honour, celebrate and remember the Czech Composer Pavel Haas (1899-1944). Pavel Haas was one of the first people to be deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp, on the 2nd of December 1941. Beside Viktor Ullmann - the Prager German - he was the the most mature art personality among composers kept in Terezin. (Hans Krasa, Karel Reiner, Franz Eugen Klein, Gideon Klein, Carlo Taube, Siegmund Schul etc.) Many of his compositions written in Terezin disappeared with their author in Auschwitz, where his artistic life was cut short on the 17th of October 1944.
Per Anger
A righteous gentile, colleague and friend of Wallenberg.
Per Anger - Rightous Gentile
Per Anger was a young diplomat for the Swedish legation in Berlin and Budapest during World War 2. In the year 1944 he was the one who initiated Swedish provisional passports for threatened Jews in Budapest, and he also became Raoul Wallenberg's closest partner and friend. This page is created in honor of Per Anger and his great deeds during the darkest period in man's history.
Pogrom against the Jewish People in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
Virtual City Tour of the Main Sites of the Pogrom during the Night of November 9 to November 10, 1938
Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project
Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project (PJCRP) is about remembering and honoring the dead, and the millions slaughtered in the Holocaust. It has three major objectives: 1. Restoration of all 1200 devastated Jewish cemeteries of Poland; 2. Documentation; 3. Education of Jews and Poles, especially youth.
Poland, Cracow, Casimir, Auschwitz-Birkenau with a guide.Jewish genealogy in Poland.
Jewish guiding services in Poland. Tours in Cracow , Casimir ,Oswiecim and other cities in Galicia and Poland. Individual and study visits to places connected with Holocaust/Shoah. Jewish genealogy in Poland.
Poldek Pfefferberg and Schindler
During the Holocaust Poldek Pfefferberg made a promise, vowing he would tell the world what had happened, how even on the days when the air was black with the ashes from bodies on fire, there was hope in Crakow because Oscar Schindler was there ...
Poniatowa fForced Labour Camp
Hideous Nazi Forced Labour Camp erected in 1941 as Prisoners of War Camp for Russian soldiers. About 22000 prisoners of war were killed there. After the liquidation of Ghetto Warsaw, about 18000 Jews were deported to that camp and in November 1943 were all murdered, executed into mass graves.
Rajzel Zychlinsky, Yiddish Poet from Gombin, Poland
Rajzel Zychlinsky z"l 1910-2001 a Yiddish famous poet. She was well known for her holocaust poetry and received the Manger prize in 1975 in Israel. She laments in her poetry her murdered family, townspeople of Gombin her shtetl, and the Jewish people in the Holocaust.
Raoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg and the Times...
Raoul Wallenberg and the Times... A new book project about Raoul Wallenbereg and the Times of Holocaust. Intended to be a powerful guide and information source.
Rav Menashe Yaakov Levertov
This site, in memory of Rabbi Menashe Yaakov Levertov, rescued by Oskar Schindler contains testimony and pictures. It's content is of historical importance. Rabbi Levertov's continued faith in the face of loss and suffering is inspirational.
Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow
The site commemorates the life of the Jews who lived in Lubaczow, Poland, before WWII and their fate during Holocaust.
Report On Nazi Theft Of Jewish Assets
U.S. government report May 7, 1997, on Nazi gold that was looted from Holocaust victims during World War II.
Requiem The Song of the Murdered Jewish People
An orchestral version of Requiem composed after the poem by Holocaust poet Itzhak Katzenelson 'The Song of the Murdered Jewish People', describing the extermination of the Jewish life in Warsaw. Zlata Razdolina Composer, Moravska Philharmonic Orchestra, Victor Feldbrill Conductor. The work which lasts nearly an hour, is comprised of scores for large orchestra, choir and soloist (cantor), to be sung with the Hebrew words of the poem written by the Holocaust poet Itzhack Katzenelson. 'The Song of the Murdered Jewish People', was written during the poet’s detention in a transportation camp, Vitel-France, before he was deported to Auschwitz. The poem was buried in Vitel's soil where it was unearthed at the end of the war and was brought to a Museum on the Kibbutz 'The Ghetto Fighters' which is called after him. The poem ' a story of the Warsaw Ghetto' was written originally in Yiddish and has now been translated into many languages, including English, German, Hebrew and Russian. Due to funding shortage, the issued CD is only the orchestral version, with vocalize.
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