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The Holocaust Bookstore
Online bookshop selling wide range of books, videos, posters specifically related to the Holocaust. Profits from sales go exclusively to the funding of the educational work of The Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom, a charity base in Nottinghamshire, UK. See also
The Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom
Educational charity run by Directors Stephen Smith MBE and James Smith. Provides educational visits for schools and colleges with opportunities to view Holocaust exhibition and hear talks by survivors. There is a remembrance garden where roses can be planted to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust. There is also a bookshop and catering facilities.
The Holocaust Era Insurance Claims Process
International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims New York NY 10268
The Holocaust History Project
The Holocaust History Project is a free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial.
The Holocaust Libel Trial
Regularly updated information about the David Irving vs. Deborah Lipstadt libel trial.
The Horrors of Holocaust
The Holocaust is generally regarded as the systematic slaughter of not only 6 million Jews, the primary victims, but also 5 million others, approximately 11 million individuals wiped off the Earth by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.
The Irena Sendler Project
The official Irena Sendler website: the powerful story of Irena Sendler, Holocaust heroine, who saved 2,500 children in the Warsaw Ghetto and the Kansas students who re-discovered her. 'Life in a Jar'
The Italian site on Holocaust
This is the site dedicated to Holocaust in the Italian Jewish Web Network.
The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw
This historic Jewish cemetery was enclosed in the Warsaw Ghetto. It is both a reflection and a memorial of the past.
The Life and Work of Ernest A Rappaport, MD...Healer..Humanist...Poet
Enest Rappaport was a psychoanlyst from Vienna, a survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp, he came to the US in 1943, practiced as a psychiatrist in Chicago for many years. He was a superb healer--my beloved psychiatrist. He wrote eloquently in English. I created the site to make his superb work available.It contains the entire text of his 300 page book, "Anti Judaism: A Psychohistory" which traces the origin and basis for hatred of Jews. It contains studies of Hitler, Eichmann and traces the role of the Catholic church in fostering anti semitism. There are also a dozen papers dealing with the emotional traumas of Holocaust survivors, and also a whole book of his satirical poetry.
The little boy from Warsaw
More than any other photos, this famous photograph captures the essence of the horrors of Holocaust: Warsaw 1943, a little Jewish boy, dressed in short trousers and a cap, raises his arms in surrender with lowered eyes, as a Nazi soldier trains his machine gun on him ...
The little Girl in red
Perhaps the most moving image in Steven Spielberg's epicfilm "Schindler's List" is the little girl in the red coat, the only color image in the three-hour black and white film. However, most people do not know that this image is based upon a true story, a story told at the trial of Adolf Eichmann.
The Madagascar Plan
Learn about the Nazi plan to relocate the Jews of Europe to this African island.
The Mazal Library
A private library with over 6000 books on the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, and Racism. This newly established resource is placing a large number of public-domain materials on the Web.
The Missing Child
Searching for traces of a child who was separated from his Jewish parents during the Shoah and placed with lithuanian families in order to save his life
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