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spacer - We know you're bored!
Have a spare moment and cant decide what to do? Are you really bored because you have nothing planned, or do you need an excuse to not do your homework? Does it feel like Jewish High Schools are all about work, work, work, with no respite at all? Are you tired of just fitting in the mold of your particular yeshiva, high school, or hometown? Feel like meeting new, frum Jewish teens from outside your hometown? Interested in making new Orthodox friends from across the globe, or even around the corner?
JewishOnline - Seniors
Jewishonline seniors has information on discounts available in the UK, clubs and organisations, social events, and bridge and chess on line, and a chat section - all for 55+
spacer is the easiest way to find a Jewish roommate
A website dedicating to promoting an agenda of Jewish Achdut The purpose of the site is to enable users to make new connections, find others with similar interests and reconnect with old friends. is a networking tool that continues to meet the needs of Jews on both a personal and professional level. Members feel very comfortable using the service and are quickly spreading the word
spacer Jewish Networking Website
Connect with people you know: family, school friends, co-workers. See how your friends are connected. Meet new people through your friends. Join and create "Groups" around your interests. Get a friend's recommendation for anything from a great restaurant to a gentle dentist.
spacer – Jewish Match – Connect Today!
Tired of endless dates? Not interested in falling in and out of love? If you’re looking to find your Match visit
- Join the community for free
- Hundred's of successful matches to date
- National network of Matchmakers
- Find out more by calling 1-800-304-1434 Toll Free
A nonprofit institute that deals with issues of child abuse, domestic violence and professional improprieties in the Jewish community. JSafe offers training, speakers, programs and develops literature and policy guidelines.
Kaf El Kaf
Kaf El Kaf is a new family support center in the spirit of the Torah. Providing professional consultant services for family crisis, marital issues, Personal distress etc.
Kallah Guide, The
The Ultimate Jewish Bridal Website
Katzele - Persian cattery
The first virtual cattery in Israel. Breed, show and sell pure Persian cats from the top blud-lines and catteries in the world. allso lots of information for cat breeders and lovers
Kayama Home Page
Kayama is a non-profit organization that provides information and assistance for obtaining a Jewish divorce ("get").
Kehillaton helps you promote your community activities: MINYANim, EVENTs, SERVICEs, LECTUREs, CHARITABLE FUNDs, JOBs, MIKVAs... Enter your information into our on-line, searchable database - FREE OF CHARGE. Utilize the power of the Internet to promote your activities, your organization or your company's services. REACH OUT TO YOUR COMMUNITY! This service is provided absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. KEHILLATON - CONNECTING THE JEWISH COMMUNITY
Kosher Meet Market
A group for people 21-35 to meet and greet.
Ma & Me
Ma & Me is committed to connecting Jewish mothers all over the world and sharing ideas about raising and educating our children. We also share with you the schedules and locations of groups of mothers getting together to chat and relieve some the stress of entertaining our children.
Marriage and Shidduch
Unorthodox views on Orthodox Marriage.
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