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Israel Tour Guide

Oren Solell
My name is Oren and am a Licensed Tour Guide (regardless who you choose to work with - make sure he/she is a Licensed Tour Guide).
It will be an honor and privilege to work with you and plan your next visit to Israel (and a good income as well...).
I welcome you to visit my site at and understand my way of guiding and traveling in Israel.
I like to do it a bit differently, and would appreciate your guidance, requests and questions when we will plan (together) your next visit to Israel.
Mail me or leave your phone number so I can call you back at your convenience. Sponsored Link
Allan J. MARKS - Israeli Tour Guide
Israeli Tour Guide
ArzaWorld Israel Tours
Specialty Heritage Tours to Israel - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours and congregational tours to Israel, Eastern & Central Europe and various other locations.
Costum Guided tours is israel - Gateway to Israel
Design your own guided tour is Israel, A unique Data Base of Tour Guides home pages. Select a suitable Guide for your kind of tour. Contact your Guide directly on the web. All tour guides are certified & qualified government tour guides.
Eye Tours
My name is Judy Auerbach, and I am a licensed tour guide. I have a great deal of experience guiding individuals, families, and groups all throughout Israel. When guiding, it is my goal to help the tourist feel connected to the land, the history, and the people of Israel. I focus not only on the modern history of Israel, but also on the Biblical history. It is an incredible feeling to know you are standing at the same spots where so many episodes in our Biblical history took place.
Guide to tour guides
Israel Dream Tours
Avi Dobuler, known as Israel's Top Tour Guide offers complete Israel Touring Services from hotels, car rentals, phone rentals, apartment rentals to and especially the best in guiding services. Private or group, custom tours- Biblical, Historical, Archaeological, Strategic, Nature, Fun Tours for Individuals, Groups, Synagogues, Families, Special Interests, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Honeymoon. Fun Activities available Swimming, scuba/snuba diving, baking pita, camel/horse/donkey/jeepriding, paintball, shooting Uzi or pistol. Visit Tombs of the Righteous, IDF army base. Private Van or bus. Armored van or bus available. For the best time in Israel call Avi Dobuler
I suggest being your personal tour designer, tour operator and licensed private tour guide in Israel - inviting you to the most fulfilling tour in the holy land, using my expertise in: - Family and Bar Mitzvah tours; - Pilgrimage tours; - Archeoligical and historical sites; - Nature hikes; - Fun and amusement tours.
You are planning a tour in a tiny country extremely rich with history, landscapes, ethnic groups and religions. This modern country keeps old traditions alive, is complicated to understand and full of contradictions. Gilad Suffrin - your personal tour designer, tour operator and licensed private tour guide in Israel - is inviting you to the best tour in the holy land, using his expertise
Israguide Tours
Online Israely Tour Guide In Russian
Richard Woolf - Israel Tour Guide
Conducts tours of all over Israel in English language. Special knowledge of the Galilee and Golan Heights region. Owns luxury touring car.
Richard Woolf. Tour Guide. Israel
Richard Woolf is a licensed tour guide whose expertise is in the Galilee and Golan Regions of Israel ,where he lives. He handles tours throughout the country for groups of any size and religious denomination. NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER.
RSVP Tours
My name is Pamela Levene and I am a licenced tour guide in Israel. Why not visit my web site and hear more? Baruchim haba'im!
Tour Israel - First Class Travel
Tour and sightseeing within Israel, by private car and top quality tour guides
Touring Israel
Private, safe and tailor made tours with professional guides, creating itineraries focusing on your specific interests. Our premium services give you the flexability to explore at the level of service that you deserve. Our guides are seasoned professionals with English at a mother tongue level and licensed by the government. We take precautions to make your trip safe, enjoyable and the experience of a lifetime.
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