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Climbing Kilimanjaro and safaris Tanzania booking with Kosher
Travel abroad and explore East Africa hotspot places like wildlife safaris, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, beach holidays to Zanzibar Island, horse ride and camel safaris. Get free travel ideas and choose quality services to enjoy your vacation of Pesach, Hanukkah, etc Kosher procedures are considered to serve you best.
Cristian HolyLand Tours
Christian Holyland Tours llc is a leading Holyland holesale Tour operator. Specializing in planning, organization and operation of custom-made guided tours tours to the Holyland. Routes for Explorer Tourists, targeted to the explorer tourist who prefers to experience Israel at a personal pace, the site has driving routes with road maps. Wine tasting routes, holy sites, artist, craft, and jewelry studios, sheep cheese farms, desert spa treats.
Insider Guide to the Galilee and the Golan
An Insider view of northern Israel - in particular, the Galilee. The site offers tips for visitors and personal recommendations for where to stay, where to eat and what to see and do.
Israel Travel Links
The complete links to visit israel
Israel Travel Tips
Israel Travel Tips is a travel guide all written by a native Israeli from the insider's point of view.
Find kosher restaurants, kosher hotels, mikah, israeli embassies, tour guide, rent a cell phone, taxi shuttle, judaica store, guide to aliyah and more...
Jewish Sites Visited around the World
Articles on Jewish Sites we visited from Norway to Tasmania. Many of them are uncommon
Kosher Travel Info
Kosher Travel Info has for sections for the kosher traveler. Find a minyan, Kosher Food & Dining, Hotel & Lodging and a Mikvah Listing
The First Chocolate-and-Charity Tour to Israel
Join us for the word’s first-ever Kosher Chocolate and Charity tour of Israel! 9 days filled with workshops, tastings, deluxe accommodations and meals, and active participation in several unique hands-on charity projects around the country.
The New IsraStop
IsraStop is one of Israel's foremost online tourist information source. Thinking of a visit? Why settle for canned tours, up at 6am, back at 11pm, that's a vacation?! Hardly, make your own! Sign-Up to our new Agenda Maker and plan the vacation your way, go ahead have it your way!
The Weather Site
Israel and world weather reports & forecasts. 4-days forecasts, surfing details, UV radiation. English & Hebrew Versions.
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