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 Jewish Poetry
Past and Future / Múlt és Jövő
Past and Future - Jewish Cultural publisher and journal; Budapest, Hungary. Múlt és Jövő - Zsidó kultúrális lap- és könyvkiadó; Budapest
Paul Dry Books
We publish a small selection of wonderful books on with Jewish themes. "Farewell to Salonica" is a memoir of growing up in the Sephardic community in Thessaloniki at the turn of the century. We also publish "For Solo Violin" by Aldo Zargani, "The Parnas" by Silvano Arieti, and "Who Loves You Like This" by Edith Bruck.
Pitspopany Press
Publishers of high quality children's books that have Jewish and cross-cultural appeal, including selections on the Bible, science fiction, family crafts, Jewish holdiays, story-telling, special-education, and the Holocaust. One of our Children's Picture Books has just been named a Jewish National Book Award Winner and a second has been named a Finalist in the same category!
Raoul Wallenberg and the Times...
Raoul Wallenberg and the Times... A new book project about Raoul Wallenbereg and the Times of Holocaust. Intended to be a powerful guide and information source.
Red Heifer Press
A small, independent publisher of literary and scholarly books including novels, poetry, and nonfiction books on Torah, Judaica, and the Humanities
Remember Mount Sinai
A book by Leslie Seigel about how she came from a Reform Jewish background but got involved with Lubavitch, became religious and is now a Lubavitcher and living in Crown Heights Brooklyn.
Rising Star Press - Book by Rabbi Gary Mazo
AND THE FLAMES DID NOT CONSUME US. A Rabbi's Journey through Communal Crisis by Rabbi Gary Mazo. A young spiritual leader and his community face an emotional crisis-and a test of faith. On November 1, 1994, Cherry Hills, New Jersey was rocked by the murder of Carol Neulander, wife of Senior Rabbi Fred Neulander of Congregation M'kor Shalom. Allegations of Neulander's sexual improprieties were followed by his emergence as a suspect in his wife's murder. Associate Rabbi Gary Mazo, just 4 years out of seminary and barely embarked on his career, found himself responsible for leading a 4000-member synagogue. Somehow, he had to find a way for his community to overcome their shock, heal their pain—and renew their faith.
Rolnik Publishers
The new interactive site for learning Hebrew. Including illustrated dictionaries. More than 200 art screens with sound, animation and original design
Rose Leis Story
Rose Leis, 1887-1980, born in Slutsk, Belorus emigrated to New York in 1900. Survived pogrom, poverty.
Rosenberger & Krausz publishing
Description of books of Jewish interest
Rubin Mass Ltd
Pulibsher and Exporter of ALL publications from Israel
The Jewish MAVEN COOKBOOK, by Shoshana Barer. ISBN: 0-9741776-6-0, suggested retail: $10.95. Add a lot of schmaltz and a little spice to life. Delicious! The Jewish Maven claims schmaltz is the new aphrodisiac! Her humor has "Tahm" and her stories leave a good taste! Coming! The Jewish MAVEN on EVERYTHING! A to Z. Available at online booksellers and in fine bookstores.
Samuel Heilman Judaica resources
Books, lectures and consultation in Jewish life and culture
Sapphire House Publishers of Shalom my Love
Shalom my Love by Sunny Ariel is a true story of a love that bridges heaven and earth. Set in Israel during the 1980's, Shalom my Love tells the story of Israeli cinematographer Gadi Danzig who was killed in 1989 while filming Delta Force II in the Philippines. In a series of flash-backs and flash-forwards, the author ruminates on her Orthodox Jewish upbringing, life in Israel, and inevitably, the Holocaust, all from the unblinking point of view of eternity.
Sarah Foner - Hebrew Author of the Haskalah
English translations of the works of Sara Menkin Foner - First woman to publish a novel in Hebrew (Ahavat Yesharim, Vilna, 1880). Includes memoir of growing up in 1860's Latvia and attending Cheder as a small girl.
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