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 Jewish Poetry
Hebrew was founded in order to preserve old Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation.At you will be able to view and print the entire Sefer online.
Hidden Shakespeare by David Basch Home Page
Books presenting evidence of Jewish Shakespeare
HIgh Country Publishers
Milton Diamond, neophyte physician, takes readers behind the oft-sullied curtain of the health care system. In examining rooms, hospitals, and court rooms where ethics and principles of the ancient healing art are debated, he confronts the realities of modern medical care and his own demons, ultimately finding internal peace in reverent solitude of the holiest day of the Jewish Faith.
POETICALLY WRITE, is a website with poetry in different moods and phrases. It is also, giving other Jewish writers a chance to express their feelings on my blogs. Its website for Jews to connect themselves, make friends and enjoy.
I Am My Brother's Keeper
A book that tells the story of the over 1000 Americans and Canadians who fought in Israel's War for Independence, with a foreword by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Steimatzky. The oldest, largest and most diversified book and press business in Israel. Established in 1925 by the late Ezekiel Steimatzky. Branched out in the Middle East, opening stores in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. After the 1948 War of Independence, restricted to Israel. Steimatzky is numbered among the 250 largest companies in the Dun & Bradstreet listing on Israel
Institute for Mitzvot of the Land
Research, interpretations and solutions pertaining to commandments concerning land and agriculture.
best orthodox on line books store with 2 real stores in Bney Brak and Brooklyn,special prices for synagogues and wholsale
Israel Travels
Four unique books on Israel, the only books on these subjects that are available in English: Guide to the Golan Heights, Israel's Southern Landscapes: Your Guide to Eilat and the Negev, EasyWalks in Israel: Sites and Stories, and Beyond the Walls: Churches of Jerusalem. Includes sites both on and off the beaten track.
Israeli Wishes - Books in Hebrew (in the USA & the World)
Away from Israel? Miss reading in Books in Hebrew? - Well you don't have to any more. We have them all, Original Writes like Ram Oren, Shifra Horn, Smadar Shir, Michal Shalev and many more.. Looking for translated books in Hebrew, we also have them Jeffri Archer, Tom Clancey and many more.
Israeli Wishes - Online Library for books in Hebrew
Our online library enables people all over the USA, with an affordable and easy way to read many books in Hebrew. Books in Hebrew cost between $15 to $25, and this not even including s&h... and after you read the book, you have one more thing you have to dust, or store... Our Library is just like a regular library. You check out books, read them, and return them.
IsraelShop book store
On-line Jewish book store -- shop from the U.S., Israel, and around the world. Orders processed and shipped by Amazon.
J. Levine Judaica
Welcome to J. Levine Judaica - Serving the Jewish community for over 100 years from the Lower East Side to Midtown Manhattan.. With our Living Jewish Buying Guide and now with our E-Jewish site, buying ANYTHING JEWISH is only a click away!
A Broken Charity - the Rise and Fall of the Jewish Educational Center is a behind the scenes accounting of what happened behind closed doors after the I.R.S. raided the San Francisco charity. It details the operation leading to the bankruptcy, the closing of the programs, and the guilty plea from Rabbi Bentzion Pil
Jacqueline Jules
This is an author site for Jacqueline Jules, the author of five books for Jewish children: Noah and the Ziz, the Hardest Word, Once Upon a Shabbos, Clap and Count, and The Grey Striped Shirt. The site provides a description of the books including reviews and book cover graphics, an author biography, and information about author appearances.
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