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 Jewish Poetry
The Bible Code: A Journey to Judgment Day
The book expounds on the coming nuclear holocaust, on current affairs in the Middle East, on topics of Kabbalah as seen by the Bible Code, and on the psychology of money.
The Black Book of Polish Jewry - Rare reprint now available
Brohan Press has just released a quality reprint of this important book on the Polish tradegy during the Holocaust. It is complete and illustrated. Full table of contents available at website with online ordering. Major credit cards accepted.
The Book of Telling. Tracing the Secrets of My Fatherís Lives
Itzhak Bentov, biography, Israel Science Corps, history, by Bentov's daughter Sharona Muir. The author discovered by accident, after the death of her father, that he had invented Israel's first rocket, and had been a member of a secret group of scientists who had created weapons during Israel's war of independence.
The Crown Haggadah
Billingual Passover Haggadah in English and Hebrew handpainted in full color on parchment.
The Fraenkel Saga
A book detailing the history of first recognised jewish doctor Dr Sigfried Fraenkel at the Cape - South Africa in 1809 and the begingings of the first jewish congregation in Cape Town.
The Hasidic Masters' Guide To Management
Welcome to the home of Hasidic Management on the Web. Hasidism, the eighteenth century Jewish mystical movement, revolutionized and revitalized the Jewish world. The Hasidic Masters valued sincerity and devotion and provided inspiration and guidance to their adherents. Today's managers, seeking to provide inspirational leadership, clear direction, business vision, and organizational guidance to their teams, have much to learn from these wise leaders. Moshe Kranc has written a wise and witty book, that combines Hasidic stories and parables along with the insightful cartoon satire of Dilbert, as well as examples from the corporate world. In doing so, he creates a readable and entertaining hands-on guide for the novice and experienced manager. Here you can read excerpts from the book, read what reviewers are saying about it, and arrange to have Moshe Kranc address your religious group or company leaders about the management wisdom of the Hasidic Masters
The Holocaust Bookstore
Online bookshop selling wide range of books, videos, posters specifically related to the Holocaust. Profits from sales go exclusively to the funding of the educational work of The Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom, a charity base in Nottinghamshire, UK. See also
The Israeli Table Kitchen
Antique Jewish/German Cook-Book. Published (1891) in Leipzig Germany. English Version now Available.
The Jew in the Lotus Web Page
Book and film information: The Jew in the Lotus, Stalking Elijah, links for Seders for Tibet project
The Jewish Cookbook Site
This site contains the largest private collection (700 titles) of jewish cookbooks in the world.
The Jewish Eye
Religious and special interest resources for the Jewish blind and visually impaired. Includes reviews of large print and audio books, both religious and secular.
The Jewish Quarterly
The Jewish Quarterly is one of the foremost Jewish literary and cultural journals available in the English language. Published continuously in London since 1953, the JQ leads the field in Jewish writing, covering a wide spectrum of subjects including art, criticism, fiction, film, history, Judaism, literature, poetry, philosophy, politics, theatre, the Shoah, Zionism and much more.
The Jews of Wyoming
This book of photographs and interviews of 140 years and five generations of Jewish life in the Cowboy state.
The Judaica Press
Leading publisher of English Judaica.
The Kafka Project
The largest Kafka-resource on the net. All Kafka texts in the original German form, translations, essays a.m.o. Everything about the greatest jewish writer in this century.
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