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 Jewish Poetry
The Khazaria Info Center Bookstore
In association with, this site offers books about the Ashkenazic Jewish world (including Jewish history, the Holocaust, genealogy, and Yiddish) for sale at discount prices.
The Learning Plant, Inc.
Catalog mailorder business carrying 2000 different items of Jewish interest including books for children and adults, Hebrew books, videos and cassette tapes, Jewish games, posters, bulletin board decorations to enhance celebration of the Jewish holidays, etc.
The Life and Work of Ernest A Rappaport, MD...Healer..Humanist...Poet
Enest Rappaport was a psychoanlyst from Vienna, a survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp, he came to the US in 1943, practiced as a psychiatrist in Chicago for many years. He was a superb healer--my beloved psychiatrist. He wrote eloquently in English. I created the site to make his superb work available.It contains the entire text of his 300 page book, "Anti Judaism: A Psychohistory" which traces the origin and basis for hatred of Jews. It contains studies of Hitler, Eichmann and traces the role of the Catholic church in fostering anti semitism. There are also a dozen papers dealing with the emotional traumas of Holocaust survivors, and also a whole book of his satirical poetry.
The Lost Temple of Israel
A fascinating personal journey based on hard facts, with conclusions which place in question the identification of Jerusalem as the site of Israel's First Temple. A must read for the objective, unbiased reader, and anyone who thinks with their minds, not their hearts.
The Rabbi King: David of Khazaria
Web page for a historical novel by Monroe S. Kuttner about the last Khagan (king) of a remnant of the Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria in the twelfth century.
The Rogovoy Report
A collection of reviews, articles and interviews on a variety of Jewish cultural subjects, including fiction and non-fiction and reviews of CDs by Jewish music authority Seth Rogovoy, author of "The Essential Klezmer."
The Serial Tourist's Guide to Jerusalem
A guide to visiting and living in Jerusalem for long-term and return (slow Aliyah) vistitors. Includes: Traveling to Israel, Apartments and Rooms, Hebrew Ulpan, Places to Learn, Exercise and Recreation, Food and Shopping, Culture Shock. Author has spent 3 months a year in Jerusalem for the last decade.
The Sheldon Oberman Writing and Storytelling Site
Award winning Jewish author, storyteller and teacher offers personal stories and traditional tales as well as resources for writers, storytellers, teachers and kids
The Smith Publishers
The Social origins of Judaism
This link brings you to the world of Jewish learning in a convivial and relaxed environment for the academic study of Judaic teachings which are inter-denominational in art and literature.
The Ten Commandments Guidebook
Midrashim and piyyutim on The Ten Commandments, humorous and exhortatory, are offered in this new guidebook. It can be ordered in online from It also is available at Kolbo Fine Judaica and Israel Book Shop, both on Harvard Street in Brookline, at Judaica Traditions on Hope Street in Providence RI, and at J. Levine Co. on W. 30th Street and Judaica Treasures on W. 72nd Street in New York City.
The Ten Gifts
The President of a small synagogue is evacuated with 60,000 other from a massive flood in ND. Searching for a way to get her life backon track, she finds THE TEN GIFTS within that we are all blessed with.
The Toby Press
The Toby Press is an independent publisher focusing on fiction and classics. Toby offers a number of books of Jewish interest.
The Ultimate Bar / Bat Mitzvah Celebration Book
What is the ultimate bar or bat mitzvah celebration? A meaningful ceremony that goes hand-in-hand with a magical reception. This refreshingly contemporary book shows you how to achieve both. Packed with stories and secrets from a top bar/bat mitzvah planner and caterer and a noted Jewish food and culture writer, it showcases the wide world of bar and bat mitzvah possibilities. From mitzvah projects to parental blessings, menu planning to entertainment, this comprehensive guide brings the traditions to life.
The World of the Bible (Hebrew)
The World of the Bible is the world's largest scientific interpretation of the Bible Intended for Bible students, scholars and readers, with a view toward expanding and Intensifying their comprehension of the written text. Those perusing the work will Find therein not only what they might expect to find in an ordinary commentary -a Discussion of each verse and its problematic - but also what most ordinary Commentaries do not include: summaries of background research, comparative Material, and illustrations of Biblical reality, including maps and diagrams of events From the Biblical period, examples of flora and fauna in Biblical countries, and Linguistic and etymological examples of difficult or obscure words which may now be deciphered.
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